Belt Lipectomy

Ideal Patient:

  • Excess skin and fat in abdominal area, flanks, thighs and back
  • Lack of contour in the waist
  • Excessive protrusion of the buttocks

The Method:

If you are looking for a dramatic transformation of your midsection and lower body, a belt lipectomy reshapes and contours the body with skin and fat removal. Back rolls and love handles will disappear with this procedure. A belt lipectomy can be done alone or as part of an entire lower body lift which resculpts the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.

The Procedure:

A belt lipectomy is a tummy tuck that extends around the back. By removing a circumferential segment of skin and fat, the procedure will lift the thighs and buttocks and recontour the waist. The incision is made low enough to be hidden by a bikini type brief.

The belt lipectomy/body lift procedure involves a combination of several procedures including: tummy tuck, thigh and buttock lift. A lower body lift may be done in one surgery or in stages, depending on the patient’s needs.

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