Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty)

Ideal Patient:

  • Disproportionately large nose
  • Large nostrils
  • Uneven bridge of nose
  • Impaired nasal breathing

The Method:

Whether the result of heredity, structural defects or injury, if you are bothered by the size or shape of your nose, surgery of the nose can help improve the appearance or function of the nose. Nose surgery can alter or reshape the nasal bridge, sculpt nostril shape and tip, adjust the angle between the nose and upper lip and clear obstructed airways. There are two types of nose surgery: rhinoplasty and septoplasty.

The Procedure:


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the outer shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty improves the appearance and proportion of the nose by separating the skin from the nose and sculpting existing cartilage and bone to the desired shape. The skin is then re-draped over the new framework. This reshapes the nose thereby enhancing facial balance and harmony.


The central support structure of the nose is the septum. Made up of cartilage and bone, this is what divides the nose lengthwise into two separate sides. A deviated or crooked septum can cause sinus infections or a chronic stuffy nose. Septoplasty can correct impaired breathing by repositioning and straightening the cartilage and bony portions of the septum to the midline in order to improve the airway. This can be done alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty.

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