Laser Hair Removal

Ideal Patient:

Unwanted body hair in one or more of the following areas:

  • legs
  • arms
  • bikini line
  • upper lip
  • face
  • neck
  • back

The Method:

Cosmetic laser hair removal is a non-surgical procedure performed by Dr. Kagan to eliminate unwanted hair.

The Procedure:

Laser hair removal utilizes beams of highly concentrated light to selectively penetrate hair follicles and impair hair growth while leaving the skin and surrounding tissues intact. Laser hair removal may be utilized to treat one or multiple body areas. During the procedure, topical anesthesia allows patients to undergo laser hair removal with minimal discomfort and recovery time. Treatment time depends on the area treated and multiple sessions may be required.


Results may vary and depend on the skin type, hair color and hair thickness. Typical results are:

  • Upper body – 7 to 11 weeks
  • Mid-body – 10 to 16 weeks
  • Legs – 11 to 17 weeks

Laser hair removal may lead to permanent results over time. For some patients, hair may not grow for several months or, in some cases, years. Others may require touch-up treatments to maintain the desired degree of hair loss.

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