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Trick or Treat? Fall Promotions

Trick or Treat? Fall Promotions

Trick or treat?

At Kagan Plastic Surgery of Chicago, we believe you deserve a treat. Get your body looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside with one of our fall specials.
We are offering three different specials, including:

Tummy Tuck

If the extra area on your belly won’t get smaller no matter how hard you try, consider a tummy tuck. This procedure will remove excess fat and skin and reshape your tummy for a sleeker and smoother new you.

Fall specials starting at $6,950 including hospital and anesthesia

Mommy Makeover

You’ve done everything for your children. Now do a little something for yourself. Our Mommy Makeovers will correct a variety of issues including:

  • Sagging Breasts
  • Excess Skin and Abdominal Fat
  • Separated Abdominal Muscles.

Fall specials starting at $8,950

Silicone Implants

If you’re looking for fuller, more developed breasts, silicone implants may be for you. Add symmetry and balance to your figure with a breast augmentation from Kagan Plastic Surgery of Chicago.

Fall specials starting at $5,999

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“Completely, totally happy with my tummy tuck”

Absolutely, 100% satisfied! I feel fantastic and I have the tummy I have always wanted but (obviously) never had. After 2 c-sections and gaining an excess of 60 lbs with the pregnancies, I had A LOT to get rid of. I would do it again in a heartbeat!